..alissa lopez


Alissa is based out of the beautiful and eclectic Long Beach, California. While there's not too much nature in the bustle of the suburbs, she has always been drawn to all things wild and green. Whether it was spending the afternoon climbing trees, or being scolded for picking all the pretties in mom's garden, she has found a way to appreciate and be inspired by the beauty that surrounds us in nature. 

After working a handful of not-so-glamorous jobs in drive-thru windows, folding jeans, and re-stocking shelves with beauty products, she found a job at the tiniest flower shop in all of Southern California, and knew she had found her calling. 



When she's not busy playing with flowers, Alissa enjoys road trips, photography, watching the same shows over and over on Netflix, camping, making *the best* 90's playlists.  Also, a huge craft beer and sour candy enthusiast.